What is Existential Supervision?

Existential supervision of therapists recognises the importance of the supervisory relationship in which supervision takes place. A respectful, kind and empathic relationship facilitates the expression of a supervisee’s anxieties, fears and difficulties openly and without fear of criticism or judgment. This facilitates greater understanding of their clients and awareness of self in the co-creation of the therapeutic encounter.

Existential supervision is an exploratory process. My role is not to tell you what to do or what not to do. Instead, I aim to recognise and work with your uniqueness, helping you to recognise your own strengths and your individual ways of working. This collaborative approach intends to help you bring greater awareness in all aspects of your work with clients, including:

  • yourself
  • each client’s predicament
  • your connection or disconnection with a client’s experience
  • your own agenda versus staying with a client’s experience
  • the process of what is happening between yourself and your client, rather than a focus purely on the content of your client’s story
  • our own relationship as supervisor and supervisee
  • the physical, social, cultural, personal and spiritual dimensions of experience

Is existential supervision for you?

You should be willing to bring to our sessions a level of honesty and courage to face the struggles and realities of your own life, and an openness to look at your own blind spots and issues that may emerge in your work with clients.

Mindfulness is an option in existential supervision. If you choose this approach we will incorporate sufficient time for the practice of Mindfulness before we start with the exploratory process of supervision.

If you think you would benefit from existential supervision, please call me on 01483 223006 or 07973 524173 for an informal discussion.

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