Mindful Relationships – A Mindfulness and Existential Therapy Approach Guildford September 2013

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Mindful Relationships –  A Mindfulness and Existential Therapy Approach Guildford September 2013 (Saturdays 7, 14, 21, 28)

by Jyoti Nanda CPsychol, BPS, HPC, UKCP, MBACP (Snr Accred)

  • Venue: Guildford Institute, Ward Street, Guildford, GU1 4LH
  • To book or for information email: jyoti@mindfultherapy.co.uk   
  • CPD 24 hrs for full  attendance
  • Venue: Guildford Institute, Ward Street, Guildford, GU1 4LH
  • Fee £305 (students £280). Bursaries available
  • Dates: 4 consecutive Saturdays 7, 14, 21, 28 Sept 2013.  10 am – 5 pm 

When couples come for therapy, both agree they are in conflict.  According to Sartre, conflict is a given of existence.  However, we are free to choose how we respond to conflict.  From an existential perspective, practising mindfulness is a choice.    

This workshop draws from my recent publication on Mindful Relationships published by Routledge.  Mindfulness is a simple yet powerful practice. It has the possibility of transforming relationships. It cultivates some foundational attitudes towards one’s self and others. It gives rise to non-judgmental awareness of arising experience, acceptance, presence, openness, spaciousness, letting go, empathy, calmness. It is also a practice of awakening the heart to loving-kindness and compassion for self and others … Mindfulness is offered through the lens of an existential therapeutic perspective which values the uniqueness of every client and every couple relationship. It acknowledges choice and responsibility and the possibilities of relational transformation within the givens of each unique context’ (Nanda, 2013).

Participants will practice and explore mindfulness not only in the context of individual practice, but also in the context of relationship therapy.   This course is grounded within the theoretical underpinnings of both Mindfulness and Existential Therapy.  The process of teaching is facilitative and experiential.   At the end of the course, participants will have an understanding through lived experience of the various practices of Mindfulness, a lived experience of existential-phenomenological themes, and an understanding of the potential for transformation in relationships through a Mindfulness and Existential Therapy perspective in Relationship Therapy.  At the heart of this approach is the recognition of  inter-connectedness between self and others. Each one of us is a part of the whole web of relationships in this Universe. 

To book email:   jyoti@mindfultherapy.co.uk     www.mindfultherapy.co.uk

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 Past participants’ experiences of other courses run by Jyoti Nanda:  

“…On both a personal and professional level this programme has been one of the best pieces of self development I have ever received.” – Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant.

“Excellent and very enjoyable…it has changed my life and outlook on life tremendously and I am so glad that I came onto the course.” – Psychotherapist

“…  I was unsure how existential therapy would be linked in with mindfulness but Jyoti did this extremely well…” – Psychotherapist 

About Jyoti:   Jyoti Nanda is a Chartered Psychologist, an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and an Existential Psychotherapist, Coach, Supervisor, and Mediator. She teaches Mindfulness and Existential Therapy and is in Private Practice. A long-term practitioner of meditation, Jyoti’s published work focuses on an Embodied Integration of Mindfulness and Existential Therapy. Registrations with  BPS, HPCP, UKCP, BACP, BSCH. 

To book email:   jyoti@mindfultherapy.co.uk     www.mindfultherapy.co.uk



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